Liebster Award

I've been nominated for a Liebster Award, yay!

Big thank you to the lovely Ellie Mae check her blog out here
I was really surprised because I didn't realise people actually read my crazy internet ramblings. 

These are a sort of word of mouth award for blogs with less than 200 followers (definitely me, see above) to try and get people recognised.  It defintiely works considering I've checked out so many cool new [to me] blogs because of these. 

These are the rules: 

  • Answer the questions set for you 
  • Post 11 facts about yourself
  • Choose 11 new bloggers to tag 
  • Add 11 new questions 
  • Tell the bloggers they've been nominated!
My facts:
  1. I am a tall tall bean from a tall tall place - 5'11 (actually pretty much 6 foot but I don't like that so stick with 5'11 ;) 
  2. When I watch tv shows I get addicted and have to watch every single one ever 
  3. I love mint but I'm far too pale to wear it... :(
  4. My healthy snack addiction right now is dried apple, so good!  Or sweetened apple to mix it up a bit, tastes like fruit pastels but healthy 
  5. I have a little brother - also a tall bean despite being 17 
  6. I have teeth OCD 
  7. My toe nails are currently painted grey 
  8. I can nap in demand pretty much 
  9. Currently craving bacon, or a fry up
  10. I'm hypermobile so dislocate, it's so painful and not good
  11. I like tweed stuff, a lot. Yay tweed
My Answers:
  • If you could live one place that's not where you live now, where would you live? 
    • Somewhere hot and nice and new, like Dubai or Qatar. 
  • You're in a restaurant, what do you order? 
    • Since going to university and being poor so eating no meat I now kind of fetichise when I eat out.  So STEAK
  • Name your favourite feature about yourself
    • Probably my hair, it's nice and long and thick and curly 
  • What's your best beauty time saving trick 
    • I don't have a great beauty saving regime at all, so probably laziness 
  • What's your favourite book? 
    • Mmmm, so tricky.  Probably The Wheel of Time series right now, or Life of Pi - mainly because these are the last two books I read.  Currently reading Les Mis, believe me that's a hard slog
  • What item of clothing could you not live without?
    • My Barbour jacket.  Without a doubt in sunny Scotland! 
  • What's your favourite phrase to live by?
    • It's drinking time!  I'm joking, but since exams are finished now.... 
  • Name three things you can reach right now 
    • My phone, a pink pen and my planner 
  • What's your worst habit?
    • Laziness or bossy-ness, so many.  
  • What's your proudest achivement?
    • Probably my school exam results or competing at the European Championships last year. 
  • What's your favourite memory?
    • Mmmm, something by the sea.  Or Venice last year.
My blogger picks: Some might have more than 200 total followers, I was just going by one of the count totals on their page 
My questions:
  1. Who was the last person you spoke to?
  2. Scarves or hats? 
  3. Festival or beach holiday? 
  4. In front of the camera or behind it?
  5. Any siblings? 
  6. Drink of choice on a night out? 
  7. Do you wear any jewelry all the time? 
  8. What colour are your nails painted? 
  9. Can you run quickly? 
  10. City or country life and why? 
  11. What's your worst fashion faux pas? 
Post your answers below, I would love to see them :) 


  1. Ahh a fellow lazy person. That's always nice to see.
    Lovely post. X

    1. Thanks Ellie Mae! Lazy people unite... tomorrow? :P Cheesy I know


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