Zatchel Haul - Satchel and Barrel Bag

I am very happy to announce that my Zatchel purchase has finally arrived!  
This has been a bit of a fuss to try and get but more on that later, first the super lovely bags. 
Zatchel is a British company (here) which makes beautiful handmade goods, a month ago they held a Birthday Sale with an amazing 50% off.  I was so excited because it brought these bags into my price range.  Although they were still quite pricey I looked at it as an investment purchase.  
They have a great selection of all different bad sizes and shapes in all the colours under the sun.  
I went for a pastel purple satchel, with the added handle and strap protector.  I must say it is absolutely beautiful, so well made and the details are incredible.  It's really sturdy and just screams quality!  

I also went for the pastel pink barrel bag.  I went for pastel colours since I don't really wear light colours but I do love them.  So now I can sneak them into any outfit and give it a pop of pastel!  

This is a really handy size, this summer I'm doing a lot of travelling like usual but in August I'm going to China for a month so I wanted something a bit smaller to use in the city.  

This seems perfect, and it's also my next Gym Count present, Yay!  

Now on to the not so great features of Zatchel...

This took a long time to get here, I mean A LONG TIME. 

When I ordered they're website boasts of 7 to 10 days delivery time since all the bags are made from scratch.  Although in the small print it says up to 30 days. 
I was like fair enough, they are covering their backs and I should have it in a couple of weeks.  

It did not. 

This came bang on 30 days after I ordered it.  This doesn't seem that acceptable for me when I am spending a lot of money with a company - okay it was on sale but it was still a pretty hefty bill at the end of the day. 

Next up was the horrendous customer service. 
Naturally after 3 weeks I was getting a bit angsty about my bag.  I dropped a few emails to customer service - no reply. 

Then I tried to phone them on their number during the times stated on the confirmation email.  No reply.  

So by now I'm freaking out, what sort of company has that shocking customer service- I look on their Facebook and it's filled with people as desperate as me.  I leave a comment, no reply.  

Right now I'm about to open a paypal dispute, knowing it's close to my 45 day time scale to do so.  

Last ditch attempt I write an email to the press office, and explain that I have a fashion blog and I am not happy with my experience with the company and I'm going to be sharing my experience with my followers.  

Surprise surprise ten minutes later I get a phone call from Zatchels and they try and explain the situation.  The man on the phone is very polite and trying to explain, but at the same time I don't feel much sympathy for them that they are struggling because they have had a bit of success. 

Nonetheless at the end of the phonecall I'm reassured that the company is real, and that I'm going to get my purchases by the end of the week.  

Near the end of the week - no sign, so I get emailing again.  But just get a mass, impersonal message about how busy they are.  Again not helping me and the money I've spent. 

Finally it arrives yesterday and they are beautiful but what what an experience!  


  1. Such a shame about all the delivery trouble but these bags are freaking beautiful!!


    1. They really are and so beautifully made. I don't think I've ever had anything as well made and sturdy!

  2. I'm having the same experience as you, but I STILL haven't received my order. I ordered a satchel for myself and a saddle bag for my mum on the 20th of April, and despite a bit of communication via email at the beginning of the wait, I have since heard absolutely nothing garr. It's now been over the 30 days for me and I just wish they would have the courtesy to let me know what is going on. I do feel a bit bad for them, but they didn't have to do such an amazing birthday sale - they clearly can't deal with all the trade.
    Nonetheless your bags look lovely and I can't wait for mine to arrive! My satchel is meant to be baby blue so will be very similar to yours! xx

    1. It's a real shame that so may people are going to be left with a bad taste in their mouths considering how beautiful the products are... :/
      I'm sure you'll love it when it comes though!

  3. I had to chase and chase them, finally got a reply bang on 30 days saying it was going to be at least another 2 weeks... I really wish I hadn't ordered at all to be honest, and if it goes over 6 weeks I'm just going to ask for my money back. I would be much more patient if I felt the customer service had been good, but I feel they have tried to avoid questions x

    1. Yeah they can be quite evasive. If in doubt I would open up a Paypal dispute, at least you know your money will be protected! Good luck x


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