Clashing Prints - Luffers Big Bee Leggings

Today was a horrible, horrible day!

But I've been wanting to shoot these legs since I got them so I threw them on and braved the weather.  Although I managed to shelter in this derelict shed boyfriend had to stand outside to shoot! 

So I am wearing my amazing Luffers Big Bee Leggings.  I raved about them yesterday- check out the post here
You can buy these leggings- and pretty much any other pair of leggings printed or otherwise- from Natalie's Facebook group here

Today I also wore this gorgeous peplum top.  I got it at Christmas from a little boutique in Belfast, the brand name is Closet and I think this is the website here
I love how vintage this feels.  It looks like a curtain and I love it!  More than that, it looks like an embroidered curtain - so much love!  Plus it's a really stretchy, comfy material, and really soft.  

Lastly just my go to LV bag. 

I hope you like my mix - matching and clashing of prints.  

And just to demonstrate how horrible a day it was today here is me for the test shots:

Don't I look miserable?  Anyway thankfully I had my trusty Barbour waxed jacket on!  


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