Spending Diary - 8-14 May

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You might have seen that last week I kinda overspent on beauty items, so this week I'm going to try and keep to more of a budget...

Do you have any spending aims currently? 

Tuesday 8th of May 
I'm in London today so it's an early start and £6.10 for parking at the station (although I can claim it back).  

When I'm on the train I notice my phone charge has came out of the bank, which is £12 because I'm on quite a cheap sim only deal.

I get to London and realise I should top up my Oyster card, I put £50 on it and it lasts me ages and it's less hassle than topping up on the regular.  Today's travel is £4.80 return which I'll also claim back from work.  

After a day at work I get home at quite a good time for a Hetty walk, but I manage to not spend anything else because I took a salad to work.  Face mask on, early night needed...

Total - £68.10 

Wednesday 9th of May 
I'm working quite far away today and I hit traffic so I'm miserable after 3 hours in the car, however we get a lot done and I resist the urge to pop to the shops for lunch.  Instead I eat my packed lunch of picnic supplies.  Not an exciting day - no spend needed!

Total - £0

Thursday 10th of May 
I'm in London again today (this is becoming something of a habit), so I have my usual £6.10 for station parking.  

Whilst I'm waiting for my delayed train (train tracks are too hot after three days of sun apparently) I surf the ASOS app and buy some semi-awful but I like them slides because I need something to throw on in the good weather - £9.50

For the rest of the day I don't spend anything else - too busy to eat lunch and the £4.80 tube on my topped up Oyster card. 

Total - £15.60

Friday 11th of May 
I'm on site today which happens to mean free lunch and no need to bring a packed lunch with me!

On the way home I stop in at the little M&S food near the house for some supplies - I know it's bad and I should go to a supermarket since I don't have the means to live the M&S lifestyle I clearly desire - £5.05

Total - £5.05

Saturday 12th of May 
I'm planning on having a nice big lie in today but the early rising run and my not-blackout curtains have other ideas so I get up.  On my phone I see that the local farmer's market is on so I go because I love a good farmers market. 

Unfortunately I've been spoilt by my rural Scottish farmer markets and I'm not impressed so leave empty handed. 

My brother comes over to visit so we take Hetty for a walk and then we got to the village pub for lunch.  Stella, the pubdog, is a British Bulldog and a riot so her and Hetty have a blast running around the garden while we eat.  He pays.

After that, the day takes a turn for the worst for Hetty - we have to go to the V-E-T-S.  It's annual booster time!  A grumpy Hetty and £95.96 later we head home for the day. 

Total - £95.96

Sunday 13th of May 
I finally manage to get a wee lie in and I'm feeling all the better for it!  I have no exciting plans for today, I'm just around the house and taking it easy because I' m not feeling 100%.  To make me feel better I get a McDonalds for lunch - £5.79 

I just chill out for the rest of the day, blogging and reading! 

Total - £5.79

Monday 14th of May 
Well the weekend went fast didn't it?  I'm working in Birmingham today so I jump in the car early and realise I have to fill up, so I go to the petrol station and experience some early morning embarrassment.  I'm driving a hire car so it takes me about 10 minutes to first find out how to open the petrol door and then untwist the cap itself.  A trying £46.10 but I'll claim it back.  

For some reason, on the way home my SatNav takes me via the M6 Toll, so that costs me £4.40.  

When I get home I see my housemates are eating a Dominos, I have the exciting option of a quiche so I decide to get a Chinese - £24.90 but it will last me a couple of days. 

I'm doing my over the top Korean inspired skincare routing when I realise my Caudalie toner is almost finished so I head to ASOS and buy this pixi one and two pairs of tights - £16.20

Total - £91.60 

Weekly Total - £282.10