Spending Diary - 15-20 May 2018

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Okay so I have not managed to calm down on my spending, I'm such a stress spender it's textbook... honestly. 

Tuesday 15th of May 
I'm in Birmingham again today, so parking is £6.30 but I don't spend anything else for the day.

Total - £6.30

Wednesday 16th of May 
I'm in Milton Keynes for the rest of the week, so before I set off I need to fill up the hire car - £49.68 but I will claim it back.  While I'm at the petrol station I also buy lunch - £5.70

When I get to Milton Keynes I pay for parking for the day - £4.88 but I will also claim this back.  

It's quite a tiring day but I don't spend anything else.  

Total - £60.26

Thursday 17th of May 
Back in Milton Keynes today, so another £4.88 for parking. 

I didn't have time to make lunch again today so I buy lunch at the coffee shop down stairs - £4.95. 

At home I have a wee browse on ASOS asI'm feeling like I need some casual summer clothes - not holiday smart but not the jammies I'm currently sporting.  So I order this dress (for work not casual), stripy playsuit (although still quite pyjama-esque), stripy jumpsuit (which I later return) and this pink faux leather jacket - £136.80

Total - £146.63

Friday 18th of May 
Last day of my course today, so another £4.88 for parking.  

I arrive quite early so I walk to Sainsburys before the class starts - £4.60 for lunch but again no other spending for the rest of the day.  All this lunch spending this week has made me grateful for how good I usually am at taking packed lunches, it must save me a fortune!  

Total - £9.48 

Saturday 19th of May 
I've been getting laser hair removal for a few months now and today is my fourth session in Reading - half way there and I'm really seeing results.  While I am there I see they have an offer on hydrafacials which I have been eyeing up for months now.  It's usually £150 but this was £100 so I pay and book it for my next zapping session.  

On the way home I am feeling indulgent so I also get a McDonalds - £5.79 - no judgement please! 

Total - £105.79

Sunday 20th of May 
I'm having a nice chill day today, nothing exciting planned at all.  However I take Hetty for a walk and then we go to pick up our Tesco shop - £87.47

Nothing else to report for the rest of the day - just time to relax before the week 

Total - £87.47