Spending Diary 1-7 May

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I know I've disappeared lately and so have my spending diaries - but now I've submitted all my university coursework for the year I can get back to telling you (with shame) where all my money goes.... 


And remember if you want to contribute to a spending diary (named or anonymously) please get in touch!

Tuesday 1st of May 
Wow, may already - can't believe it.  And I've forgotten how to write these updates so I might be a bit rusty.... 

I'm working from Cambridge today so out and about and not many chances to spend money - luckily!  However when I get home I realise I need some more tights for work and buy a few of these from ASOS with next day delivery - £12.80 with my student discount. 

Total - £12.80 

Wednesday 2nd of May 
Another day out and about today - in London so the first spend of the day is parking at the train station - £6.10 although I can claim it back. 

My oyster card has cash on it so no cash withdrawals needed to get me to the office.  At lunch time I pat myself on the back for bringing a salad from home so I manage to resist my usual London sushi.  

I get home pretty late but manage to not spend anything else for the day. 

Total - £6.10 

Thursday 3rd of May 
It's the start of the month so my Amazon Prime membership goes out - £3.99

No day to day spends today, however when I get home I'm tempted by this Rodial giftset on ASOS when I'm trying to buy some more body moisturiser - £86.39 with my student discount.   

Total - £90.38 

Friday 4th of May 
I'm in the office today and it's nice to finally be local for the day. 

When I get home I realise that Hetty is almost out of her fancy pants dog food, so I order some on Amazon - while I'm there I spot some fancy pants treats as well - £28.24 on the princess.

It's been a massive week for me - working in five different locations in five days with a lot of travelling so I'm knackered and just want a takeaway for dinner although there is food in the house.  I cave and get a satisfying Indian for £17.70.

I'm also almost out of cotton wool pads, so I put in another quick Amazon order for £5.49.  

Total - £51.43

Saturday 5th of May 
I get up quite early because I want to head into town to get some more perfume.  I need fuel so I get it at the local garage which is independently owned and always undercuts the local Shell and Tesco by a couple of pence - £45.32 

I go to the new Westgate shopping centre for the first time in Oxford, since it's only a quick visit it's cheaper and easier to use their underground parking - £3 for an hour.  

Upstairs I spot that Joules is having a sale (when are they not?) and I pop in, I see a nice jumper with embroidery around the collar - I buy one for me and one for Mum because now that we don't live in the same country we can have matching clothes - £59.90. 

Then I go to Jo Malone, where I was aiming for in the first place.  I've been meaning to check out their English Fields collection for a few weeks but unfortunately I've missed it and they are now on their new blossom release.  I give it a go and quite like the plum option but it's not my favourite so I decide to ask an assistant if they have any English Fields scent left.  I'm in luck and there's still a couple of options hidden in their secret stash - I try them out and go for the Primrose & Rye cologne.  While I'm there I also pick up a big bottle of my usual Blackberry & Bay - £137 in total.

Total - £245.22

Sunday 6th of May 

It's another amazingly sunny day today, so I'm just relaxing about the house and getting some chores done which means I don't spend anything.

Total - £0

Monday 7th of May 

I have today off because of the bank holiday, and we're so lucky because it's another scorcher!  I'm just chilling out at the house all day but I realise I'm away all week again this week and the food I have in the house isn't really packed-lunch friendly.  So I pop into town, heading to Sainsburys but it looks packed so I go to M&S instead.  I get enough lunch options for the week and some cous cous for lunch - £23.70 

Total - £23.70

Weekly total - £429.63