Spending Diary 22-28 February

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So we're into the last week of February's spending diary, and as you know this one has been a spendy one (unfortunately). 

I'm afraid this means that I'm super broke and this means this will be a very thrifty and probably boring spending diary... 

Thursday 22nd of February 
I'm back in London today for work, so I get the train into town and park my car at the station for £6.10.

I meet my friend for a quick lunch before I get the train home, we grab a burger from Patty & Bun and the chicken skin salt and mayonnaise on the chips are life changing - believe me.  Definitely worth the £17.07 

Before I get on the train again I have ten minutes so I top up my oyster card £5 to keep me going.  My bank is apparently also concerned about my spending and have text me to tell me to calm the heck down (not actually, they were more like "you are broke FYI")

Total: £28.17 

Friday 23rd of February 
Another London day - I'm not usually in this much, promise!  So that's another £6.10 for station parking and £5 for the underground. 

However, I am a thrify thrifter so I don't spend anything else since I still have food in the house! 

Total: £11.10 

Saturday 24th of February 
We're in a "polar-like cold snap" apparently, which means it's chilly - for the south of England anyway.  It's a lovely day!  Cold but super sunny, so Hetty and I have a lovely walk in the field. 

I have quite an un-exciting day today, just in the house but at least it's nil spend! 

Total: £0 

Sunday 25th of February  
I fully intended today to be another nil spend day - let's be quite clear, I needed it to be.  However all the food in my house is too healthy (i.e. I've eaten all the good stuff) and I stayed up too late looking at house on zoopla I can't afford.  I want a McDonalds, which means I transfer £20 from another account and spend £6.38 on some McChicken goodness.  AND I'LL BE HAVING NO JUDGEMENT FROM ANY OF YOU ABOUT IT, honestly, my own shame is enough.

Total: £6.38 

Monday 26th of February 
I'm in London today, so it's another unexciting spending diary for me - £6.10 for parking at the station and then a £10 oyster card top up.  

Again I'm taking the poor/skinny option when it comes to food - i.e. not eating in London.  I'm starving but get food when I get home.  Why am I not skinny yet?  I'm also taking this approach to filling up my car, it's payday tomorrow so I ignore the fuel warning light on my drive home. 

Total: £16.10 

Tuesday 27th of February 
Pay day, finally! 

Let's all breathe a collective sigh of relief and thank the money gods.  Phewwww! 

I'm working from home today but I pop to the shops before logging on - the perks of being an early morning person (or owning a dog who is one anyway).  On the way there I get fuel - £45.13.  I'm enjoying my food shop far more than I should and wander around the baby M&S near me like I am a millionaire - I remember I am not and I buy some lunch for today (£4.99) and £13.59 for some veg, bread and crisps.  

I think I'm home and dry for the day and feeling relatively pleased with myself, however I remember I've got an Amazon basket waiting to go.  I cave and buy: 
- Hetty food - £16.25 
- some fancy pepper sauce that Matty has had his eye on for a while and I'm a cute girlfriend - £12.99 
- some black and white instax film for my lomography camera - £22.99 

Total: £115.94 

Tuesday 28th of February 
The weather has started to get worse and snow is forecasted so I'm glad that I'm working at home for a next couple of days.  It will also hopefully prevent me from spending anything.... 

Total: nil 

Weekly total: £177.69