Graffiti Ghost Town Lookbook

Remember last year when Matty and I visited the coolest yet creepiest town in Scotland - Polphail?  If not you can find it here
At the time we took the cool pictures of the buildings, but we also shot a few looks.  However those looks have never seen the light of day because I was only medium happy with them (and Matty managed to lose the colour-corrected video we shot on one of his hardrives). 

But I recently found out that the buildings have been demolished (I think a brewery is due to replace them in the space) and I thought it might be cool to pull out the photos and show them to you!  If I ever get the video, I'll also let you know. 

This first look is pretty casual - black flats, Black Milk Ancient Maps leggings and a black longline tee from ASOS.  I kept it deliberately neutral to play up the graffiti wall in the background.