Worried Dachshund Puppy in the Woods

Another day, another Hetty puppy photo shoot!

Outside in the Scottish Highlands (OOTD and Vlog)

A very casual look today and a little vlog from when we visited Glencoe in the Scottish highlands!

Florida Vlog!

Guess what, I have finally knuckled down and edited some footage from January!  

Graffiti Ghost Town Lookbook

Remember last year when Matty and I visited the coolest yet creepiest town in Scotland - Polphail?  If not you can find it here

Florida Photo Diary

So this year I didn't take many days off for Christmas, instead I saved up my annual leave and took the first two weeks off in January to go to Florida to stay at my good friend Amanda's house! 

Dachshund Puppy at Golden Hour

Okay let's be honest, I know that you guys probably haven't missed me - but I bet you have missed Hetty!

Life Update

I'm fully aware that this post will probably be read by noone - indeed the whole point of this post is to address the fact that I've been inactive for almost a year, so if you are still here well done!