How To Use The Spring Light In Your Blog Photos

liquidgrain liquid grain how to use sprign light in blog photo
Now that spring is here and the clocks have changed it means that we have some more light to take pretty blog photos!  But it can also mean there are some different challenges to face, so I've put together this quick guide on how to use the spring light in your blog photos. 

The Light Is Harsher 
Now that there is actual light it can be tempting to run outside and use it, however be aware that the light can often be harsher than what you have been used to over Winter because it's not hidden behind clouds.  This can mean that not only the light is harsher but the shadows can be pretty brutal too.  So....
Don't Stand In Direct Light 
It'll be tricky to work in direct sunlight so it is always a good idea to stay out of it but still in a relatively well lit place.  To lighten things up or change the tones you can always...
Use Reflections 
This doesn't just mean using fancy pro-reflectors but using what you see around you.  I often like to use the light reflecting off greenery in my photos by standing near some plants!  Experiment with what you stand next to in order to change the light in your photographs.  Next to plants, clearings in woods, big walls (of different colours), etc are all fun to experiment with in the light. 
Use Some Fancy Tricks 
It's fun to experiment with unconventional light tricks, like with sun flares (I did a tutorial here), standing with the light behind you like I am here, shadows etc.  
Golden Hour 
As I've mentioned before Golden Hour is the perfect time to take photos - this is the last hour of sunlight of the day and it is golden and glowy and beautiful!  Now that the clocks have changed you can actually get out and shoot in the evening, instead of the sun disappearing into a flourish of clouds at 3pm!

So get out there and enjoy the better light!  If you want to read my guide on how to shoot on location you can check it out here.

If you have any questions get in touch!