Sunny Sunning

Hands up who has been loving the sunny weather recently?  Yes I know we still have the occasional rain shower but it is getting way better!  Recently, Firmoo got in touch and asked if I wanted to review a pair of sunglasses, so here is my review!

First up the site has TONNES of options to pick from, they do prescription glasses as well but I have eagle eyes so I just stuck with sunglasses!  

They are also cheap, most sunnies are around the £12 mark which is great for the selection you get.  However this is also reflected in the quality of the glasses, they are quite cheap and plasticy so you are getting what you pay for.  But for a pair of fashion sunglasses that's great!

Shipping wise it's super quick because it's fedex but this also can be expensive so be aware of that when ordering. 

I would really recommend Firmoo for a pair of sunglasses you only want to wear for the summer or for a festival when you don't want to take your fancy fancy pair with you! 

ALSO!  I think they are currently running a feature where you can get a free pair of glasses, so go check it out!