Lunch at The Peat Inn, Fife (Michelin Star)

As I have mentioned a few times recently, I am in my final year at university up here in St Andrews.  This fact kind of hit my friends and I recently and so we decided we have to spend our last few months in St Andrews sampling local delights.  As we all love our food, The Peat Inn was a natural place to go to!  

The Peat Inn is less from 10 miles from St Andrews and has a reputation for incredible food as it holds a Michelin Star.  

You might think this means it would be an expensive place to eat, but you can do it on a budget!  There is a set lunch menu for £19, which is what we went for (we are students after all). 

Upon arrival you sit in a comfy sitting room to browse the menu, order and have a drink until your table is ready.  The dining rooms are decorated in a modern and contemporary way and we were sat next to a big window to look out onto the countryside. 

Then it was time for the main event, the food!  (I'm afraid I forgot to take a picture of the menu so I don't know the fancy names of the food).
We started with an entree of ham hock, which was lovely.  I could have had a whole dish based around this!

The first dish was a sort of seafood cannoli, as a seafood fiend I loved the different fish in the dish.

The second dish was pork with some seasonal vegetables and the most delicious little cube of pork crackling.  Every different element in the dish was really nice and worked well together.  

We finished with a pear mouse and a mango sorbet.  I'm not normally a mouse person but this dish worked well because of the different, fruity and slightly chocolately components and textures, especially the sorbet!  
Overall I really enjoyed my Peat Inn lunch experience and would definitely recommend it and would return once a new batch of seasonal dishes are on the menu to try out!  The set lunch meal is such good value - think about how much a takeaway pizza is!

We are really enjoying our new mission to explore Fife, do you have any recommendations for local places to see and eat?  Leave them down below!


  1. oh my! what pretty food! looks so tasty and delicious!

    1. It was so good Kelsey, and such a good price for a michelin star!


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