Paris Itinerary

Although you may be sick to death of Paris posts I promise this one is a little more useful, in the shape of a Paris itinerary!  I did a similar type post for Kuwait (here and even a Youtube video hereand it went down pretty well, plus I really like reading day by day break down of people's holidays. 

Day 1- Travel Day 
- Finding our air BnB and getting a French sim card
(side note, it is so easy to get a French sim card for a couple of weeks just go to the nearest corner / cigarette shop and get one.  You'll pay 20EUR max and it's worth it for the apps, maps and uber especially) If you happen to want an uber code for a free ride try 3n06e
Day 2 - Tourist Day
- Musee D'Orsay 
Fantastic museum, really loved it.  It contained some of my favourite artists - Monet and Renoir. 
- Cathedrale of Notre Dame (but not the tower because of a crazy long lunch break) 
- Catacombs 
SO GOOD, love the creepy, historical stuff
- Tower of Notre Dame
This was a day of many steps but so so worth it
- Dinner at a local bistro 
- Local bar 
- Showcase club 
This club was cool because it was under a bridge which was different but it was maybe a bit too "cool" for me.  Full of "cool" people and really expensive drinks!  Fun none the less but the next night out was way funner for us!

Day 3 - Chill Day 
- Brunch 
- Vintage shopping at Replay 
- More shopping 
- Nap 
- Opera 
We saw Werther at the opera and it was truly amazing, loved it. 
- Partying in the Bastille area
We had a lot of fun bar hopping and partying around the Bastille area
Day 4 - Few Last Things 
- Louvre
There is so much to see at the Louvre it was amazing. 
-Eiffel Tower at night 
Day 5 - Travel
- Eiffel Tower in the day 
- Travel 
Things I'd Change?
As a whole the trip was amazing and I think we got a lot packed in!  I would have liked to visit a really big flea market on the Sunday but because we had been so tired on the Friday and Saturday we had to push the Louvre to Sunday. 

What's your favourite things to do in Paris?

Check out my mega Paris vlog on YouTube if you want to see all we did in a few days!