Whats In My Satchel?

Although I am on my summer break from university right now I realise that not everyone else is and people still need a handy bag for taking to school / work / whatever they do.  So I thought I would show you what I typically take to university or when I am on an internship. 

First up is the bag itself, which is from Zatchels.  I love it to death and it is such good quality, but I did have a few customer service issues with the company though - you can read about them here.  

Inside I have:

My laptop- it's perfect for student life since it's just bigger than an A4 sheet of paper and is super thin and light.  Kind of like a Macbook Air but without the frills, I really didn't need a Mac and this does me grand! 

My planner is my life source, it's what keeps me alive.  If left up to my own devices I would probably be in a duvet nest covered in food all the time.  Similar here which is mega cheap.

My diary (c/o of Viking), ever since I was in primary school I have written in a diary so like having a special notebook to fill it up.  I think this is like my 50th notebook or something!

Fancy pen (c/o of Viking), I always have a fancy pen to write in my diary and this is a really smooth rollerwriter so I love it! 

My kindle (here for £59) - I always carry it with me, unless I am reading a physical book at the time.  It's so handy!  I am currently reading all the Wizard of Oz books, what are you reading?  Kindle cover here 

For personal stuff I have my bee purse from Monsoon and the best lip product in the world- I kid you not!  This Clarins lip balm (here for £19- expensive but lasts forever) is amazing and takes me through summer and winter! 

What's in your satchel or work bag?