Barley Fields

Another kind of prancey post, which I apologise for.  But when it's summer and I'm at home I like to get in the fields to shoot look and when you're in a field it's only appropriate to prance.  Plus I need to make the most of it before I run away to a city next year.  

I'm wearing:

Black Milk A Tribe Called White Skater Dress

Boohoo Kimono - here for £15

Chain belt - lots here


And some behind the scenes shots of walking home!


  1. Such gorgeous pictures! The ATCW skater looks so good on you! Isn't that the one that came with sparkles? Anyway, looks great!
    Elina | Miss Blue Eyes

    1. Thank you! Yeah came with sparkles but they washed out after like the first wash!

  2. so wonderful photography <3

    x Maria
    Let me know what you think of MY NEW HIGH RISE SHORTS

    1. Thanks, photography by -


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