I NEED YOU: And your design suggestions! [Give Away]

You might have spotted my question on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram this morning, but I need your help!

As I munched on my smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel (yum!) I was pondering about a blog design shake up and need your suggestions and feedback on the design of Liquid Grain. 

So far I know a couple of things I'm going to change but all your comments are much appreciated.  And everyone who comments below with a suggestion will be entered into a little give away and which ever comment is what I deem to be the most useful will receive a little present from me.  I have a couple of bracelets and a ring that I've bought specially for one of you!  

So far my thoughts are: centre-ing the pages tab at the top and streamlining my about me page.  So hit me with your best ideas!  


  1. As a blogging veteran of somewhere north of five years, I don't really know what to suggest for you. Whatever I wanted to change about my blogging layouts was done through taking ideas from other templates and adding my own graphics and features to make my own layouts. I've modified my blogs a lot to make them more accessible as well as artistic in my long time blogging. What you consider towards a design change will have to come from figuring out how you want your blog to look and what kind of character you want it to have. And since this is mostly a fashion blog, you want to come up with some design consistent with and fitting of a fashion blog. Do you prefer elegant design? Edgy design? Do you prefer fancy Flash animations and pieces of Javascript? Just some of the many things to consider.

    I have no ideas in terms of exactly how I want this blog to look, so I'll leave it up to you to go with designs and layouts that compliment your personality and this blog. I will be interested to see what you eventually come up with here. Good luck!



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