Retro Cushion Covers

Quick haul post today!  

Look what I bought yesterday in a little independent shop in Port Rush, Northern Ireland- retro cushion covers!  

I spotted a couple of these in the corner of the shop and when I saw they were only £6 each for the covers I had to pick a couple up.  

I have a little thing for cushions - there's been a few cushion posts before, here's one for example.  And I know it's silly since I know I have a big move coming up when I finish university so I will have to take all of my collections with me.  

These are great, there was a whole host of retro movie covers to pick from including Dracula and Frankenstein which I didn't go for.  I wanted two since it might look a little odd with only one.  I definitely wanted Attack of the 50 ft Woman and decided to go with Creature From the Black Lagoon to have a theme of retro ladies as well as the retro movies!  

I couldn't find them online, so I'm sorry about that but if you can please let me know!