Black Milk Peacock Swim On The Beach

With all this good weather I've whacked out what is probably my favourite Black Milk swim - (AGAIN, sorry!) the Peacock Swim.  It's discontinued now but does come up on ebay etc so keep an eye out. 

We drove up to Port Rush fr the day, it was pretty busy being one of Northern Ireland's favourite beach towns but not overwhelmingly.  We parked up near the beach and walked all the way along it, where we shot the look.  It was really nice to see everyone out and about, walking with families and dogs (I also made friends with the cutest little pug) and surfing.  

We then walked through a retro arcade where I lost about £2 of 2ps.  

Along with my BM swim I was wearing: 

Toms from ages ago but these ones here are really similar for £35

Really old stripy shorts, you can get plain green ones here from New Look for £12.99 or retro style ones from Urban Outfitters for £10 here

The shirt is a mixture of DIY and a charity shop. 

How have you been spending the sun?  I wanna see pictures so tweet (@liquidgrain) or instagram (@liquidgrainofficial) me!


  1. Nice blouse! Would be great if we could follow each other on GFC/Bloglovin, let me know! x

  2. The peacock swimsuit looks great! I also like the button-down shirt and the espadrilles. Great-looking smile and hairstyle as well. Awesome!


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