Beer Sampling at St Andrews Brewing Company

A little while ago I was asked to go to a beer tasting held by a Fife brewery called Eden Brewery, you can see this post here.  We tasted five different beers and matched them to some fancy pants chocolates. 

However before going I was a little nervous as I hadn't really drank beer before - sure I had drank the odd beer (when in Pilsen, am I right?) but I didn't exactly understand it that much.  

So I recruited my good friend Alex to teach me so I didn't make a fool of myself.  Alex is really into beer, he even brews his own!  He took me to St Andrews very own brewery and tap house on South Street- St Andrews Tap House (Facebook here), which is ran by St Andrews Brewing Company (Facebook here).

St Andrews Brewing Company specialises in making their very own craft beers in small but tasty batches.  The Tap House stocks them plus a crazy amount of other beers, both on tap and in bottles.  I think there is a crazy 16 beers available on tap!  So if you like beers this is your place to be!

It was the perfect place for me to venture into the world of beer as you can buy flights of five different types of beer for £10.  We had two with some tapas in between!  This isn't a sponsored or anything, I just really enjoyed my time at the Tap House so thought I would share it with you!  Although I'm gutted to admit that my camera went a little cray at the time so I lost my photos from the night, except from my Instagram snap.  So all other photos are from the Brewing Co and the Tap House's respective Facebooks.  

Our mega list of beers is below with my few word review of each, have you had any before?  What did you think?  

- Camden Hells lager - really tasty, quite standard but nice
- Clown Juice from Magic Rock - if you like bananas this is your beer
- Moor Top - tastes like "outside" in my experienced words! 
-  Old Freddy Walker - pretty dark and chocolatey
- Caribbean Chocolate Cake - Alex's favourite but way too dark for me 

- Amber Ale from St Andrews Brewing Company - really tasty and quite sweet 
- Loki by Tiny Rebel - really well balanced
- Crail Ale from St Andrews Brewing Company - you can taste the hops more than Amber Ale but still very drinkable 
- Salty Kiss by Magic Rock - my favourite from the night, really different with gooseberries and sea salt but fresh and tangy

We also sneaked in the Thistley Cross Cider in at the end, which confirmed my love of all ciders.  But I've got to say I actually enjoyed way more beers than I ever thought I would!