Black Milk Basic Haul

 Today was a very exciting post day!  My flatmate and I had been waiting on a mega order which arrived today!  

She got her Midnight Owl Skater and Attack of the Unicorn Skater.

Where I went for some more basic items, the stuff which is always handy but you never get around to buying.  

First up was a bit of an extravagance but I do really like it - the Sharkie Beanie which came in around £16, so quite a lot for a hat but I love it. 

Now for the basic stars of the show - the Matte Black leggings and the Wet Look leggings.  

Both are quite cheap for BM legs, the Mattes are just over £20 and the Wet Looks £25.  They are quite an unexpected feeling, the Mattes are almost a neoprene feeling, really thick and sturdy - which is always good.  And the thing about Wet Looks is that they are not too shiny or sexy, which they have the risk to do! 
I also got the Sharkie Republic Shooter in white, was again a bit more expensive at just over £40 but it's the perfect summer top, really light and airy and I think I might be a perfect gym top as well!


  1. Love the haul! I've been telling myself to get some basics from BM too but then there is always something more important. I'm eyeing the Bad Guy Top at the moment, it would go really well with the Amethyst skater skirt that is soon to be released!
    My bank account hates me. :,)

    1. I know it's one of these things which is so hard to get around to but you won't regret it. really hope they bring the crystals out in a full skater dress!


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