Tips For Black Milk Sizing

One of my first and not the best  of posts has turned out to be one of the most popular - if you want a giggle you can check it out here.

So I thought I would re-do it, and streamline it a bit.  Overall try to make it as good as possible!  

Over the past few years I have spent what some would call a ridiculous amount of money on a certain clothing brand - Black Milk Clothing.  Although I don't have anywhere near as much as some girls out there I have a modest little collection so I think I can give some tips on sizing.  


- Use the sizing guide
I know it seems simple, but although you might be an XS/S in other brands you probably won't be in BM.  So get out the tape measure and have a look. 

- Use the sizing pictures 
On the website there is a great resource - so use it!  If you scroll down on this page you will see real life customers wearing different items and with their sizes next to them.  This is great as you might be able to find someone the same shape as you and see what size they were. 


- Don't be foiled by foil 
Sometimes foil leggings can crack when stretched so if you are in between sizes you might want to size up.  Same goes for the Matte leggings to stop them going sheer.  


- Use the Long Torso options 
LT is not just for tall people, if you are endowed in the chest department you also might want to think about the LT option.  This gives you an extra inch of length.  Lifesaver! 


- When in doubt size down 
Because BM dresses are terrible for riding up - I mean terrible - you want them as tight as possible to stop the ride up 

- Wear a slip 
While we're talking about ride up I might as well tell you my top tip - get something between your skin and the dress since that'll help with ride up.  I also like having a control slip to smooth things out a bit, so maybe try one of those as well.  

- Be confident 
You can wear a bodycon!  No matter what size you are, I am certainly not the slimmest of chickens but I love my bodycons, I just like having a control slip to feel a bit firmer then I'm off! 

- They're short, accept it
I'm tall - almost 6' and BM dresses are short.  Don't try and size up to get extra length, because you won't really and then you'll have to deal with the ride up!  And I'm really tall anyway and I can get away with them - although I do have to wear tights. 


- Be prepared to go LT
These are extremely short in the body, I mean it.  My flatmate is teeny and she is a LTM, the same size as me.  Believe me if in doubt do LT, since you will probably need it... 

Hopefully that was helpful and that it is maybe a bit better than my first post!    


  1. Omg Egypt legs <3 looking amazing!

  2. Do you have any of black milk's maxi skirts/dresses I'm 6"1 and need to know if they'll be long enough :)

    1. I don't I'm afraid, but I am a member of a Facebook group for tall sharkies if that might be of interest to you? :)

  3. What's the facebook page? And are th leggings long enough for someone who is 6ft tall? :)

    1. It's Amazonian sharkies - they definitely are long enough, I'm 5'11

  4. And also, what size are you? I think we're about the same size. I'm an Australian 12-14. Just for reference. :)


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