Why Do I Blog?

After being asked a few times about why I blog I thought I would do a wee video to try and explain it.  

I'm still feeling quite ill so look a bit peaky, the fact that I didn't put on any make up didn't really help either. 

I started to blog because I liked reading other bloggers and seeing their outfits and how people were creative in what they were wearing.  So I started a Lookbook and then a blog where I pretty much only focussed on style and fashion. 

It took me a while to build up my confidence with blogging, I'm not your standard build of blogger and I didn't know what people wanted to read.  So after doing it for a while that's changed and now I'm comfortable to write bout other things and I probably see myself as a lifestyle blogger with a fashion focus, and I hope that it doesn't bore you guys too much.  

Sorry for the ramble ramble but here we go with the video!