St Patrick's Church Look

Because I don't get to see my boyfriend / photographer Matty very often (the joys of a long distance relationship!) when we do we try to pack in as many looks as possible!  We both like doing them and even though it doesn't really matter where we do looks part of my blogging is finding new locations to shoot.  

So this shoot was a new location - which is always fun.  We went to St Patrick's Church at Broughshane in Northern Ireland.  This was a very pretty and little church and is special in the mythology of Northern Ireland because this the the church where Patrick, the Patron Saint of Northern Ireland, found his faith as he herded livestock on a near by hill.  

Doesn't it look pretty? 

Because I think that any sort of shoot in a graveyard with headstones and all that is a bit disrespectful.  I know some people get beautiful moody shots from it but it's not for me.  So we shot my look at the gate to the church, which happened to be a gorgeous red with a lovely arch over the top.  

I'm wearing: 
Primark cardi and jodhpurs
River Island polka dot cami available here