Peplums On An Island

Another simple look today, I think my fashion sense is *hold your breath* growing up a little!  I dunno, maybe not!  Maybe I'm just lazier now.  

I think when the weather gets better I should liven up again, so apologies in the mean time.

Since Matty coaches a junior sports squad we started the day by going to watch the kiddies compete and see a couple of them win stuff which is great!

Then we went to Sketrick Island, which although it's an island it's tiny!  You drive over a wee bridge to get there and you only have a road of about 300 yards to work around.  

So we parked up and had a wee walk along the beach and had a look around an old castle on the island which was built in 1470, such a long time ago!  It's so small because it was a tower house rather than a full castle.  

Then to finish we had an amazing lunch at  a seafood restaurant - don't worry, full post coming up for that one!  

But I was wearing: 
United Colours of Benneton Peplum 
Primark Jeans / Jeggings 


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