ART: Sparkle and Spin Exhibition Review

Today was horrible and rainy, none of my friends are at home right now and my Mother was terribly selfish and went off to work leaving me in the house all by myself.  So I jumped in my car and went to a local gallery, had a wander then thought I would do a blog review on the exhibit I saw.  

I went to Gracefield Art Centre in Dumfries, which you can read all about here.  

And the exhibition I saw was in Gallery Two, it was the Sparkle and Spin amazing kid friendly exhibition by Paola McClure,  

Sparkle and Spin is a children's book which inspired McClure and she's explored the themes of large alien like texture creatures.  

Look at these crazy creatures!  You can really see the emotion and differences in them as you walk around.  

The thing I really liked about the exhibit was how kid friendly it was, it would be the perfect place to take your children either for something to do or for a fun introduction to art.  

Around the sculptures there were different interactive challenges dotted about.  Whether it was a skeleton of a doll they could build with different pieces or a board of words and fabrics asking them to think about texture.  My favourite was a little puzzle you had to rearrange. 

Overall I really liked the exhibit and if you or your family are looking for something to do in Dumfries and Galloway before the 3rd of May (when Sparkle and Spin runs to) then I would really recommend checking out Gracefield, especially on a week day.  I went on a Tuesday and I was the only person in Gallery 2.   

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