Robot Rock

Hello!  This is my first look in a while- essays and all that.  So in my Spring Break I've ran away to Northern Ireland for a couple of days, and this is my first look here.  

I've been shopping all day - haul post to come - so we just pulled the car into a wee hide away where we take the dog for a walk.  We were going to go into the woods for a moody shoot but it was rainy and cold and I was tired (anyone who knows me knows this makes a grumpy Kathryn).  So we just jumped out the car and used these boulders and they turned out pretty well didn't they?  It's really nice! 

So I'm wearing:  
Primark jodhpurs
H&M vest 
A Robot Cardigan which I bought from a boutique called Liberty Blue in Belfast

But here's the photos!