My Lookbook Rant

Everyone be prepared for my little rant about Lookbook, I figure that if you can't have a rant on your blog where can you?  Since it is the ultimate forum for self indulgence I might as well indulge!  

So has anyone else been getting really annoyed with Lookbook recently?  I mean every time I'm on there I'm reporting look after look for not conforming to basic guidelines.  Just tonight (and what prompted this post) I had to flag a post which was a family photo on a holiday somewhere - I'm talking Mum, Dad and two kiddies... Very nice but let's keep that sort of stuff on Facebook, not on a fashion site. 

All of this has meant that going on LB is no longer relaxing and nice to chill out with on a study break but it's actually hard work.  I feel as though I'm a one woman censor machine trying to just see some outfits!

On top of all that lately LB has been really glitchy, I'm often unable to upload a look for days at a time and their in program editing software is just as bad.  

I can't be the only one getting annoyed with it am I?  I'm actually considering jumping ship, even before the glitches it seemed to be filling up with low quality images with day to day images - Lookbook used to be full of exciting and new looks and bloggers, but not so much any more. 

Anyway, rant over.  I'm sorry for my little whine but sometimes you just have to!