Quick Haul - CM, Poprageous and H&M

I arrived home this morning and I had a lovely pile of shopping waiting for me!  So I thought I would do a quick haul post, and I can hopefully get everything shot properly soon!  

The amazing CM opened customs again recently and I decided to put a couple of orders in.  This is a great service where you can get your own ideas printed on Claire's amazing garments.  If you are interested in CM you can join the Facebook group here, but if you comment below telling me you've requested I will add you since checks can take quite a long time.  

So I got: 

A green galaxy dress, simple but I love it!  

And I also got a rainbow galaxy catsuit!  My first ever catsuit and it's amazing- so comfy and surprisingly flattering! 

And I received my first ever purchase from Poprageous.  And they are the Gatsby leggings!  I love the Great Gatsby and I thought the film was so stylish and great!  So when I saw these, I had to buy! 

Also featured is my new vest from H&M- its got a French Bulldog on it- sqeeee 

That's all for now! Kxx