Chinese Elle

Today for curiosity's sake (and to ward off some boredom at work) I bought a Chinese Elle.  
So I thought I would take some snaps of the pictures / features I thought are interesting, or nice or just generally good pictures. 

I was quite surprised at how it is ALL in Chinese- I know how very Western of me, but there was hardly any English so I had to use some detective work to look at trends and features.  

I was also slightly surprised at the sheer amount of advertisements in it- believe me there are a lot.  Even more than home Elles I think, which actually probably explains the price of it.  I bought it this morning with a bottle of Fanta and it was under 30RMB (approx £3) 

Before I start, here is a last couple of China pictures.  

This is my Chinese name!  It means so happy according to my colleagues!

And my fauxlex- see what I did there!  

So here are some things that I decided to take pictures of in Elle: 

Buy me? 
Weird baby / pregnancy feature.  It scares me. 

So that's a little sneak peak of my Chinese Elle, hope it was interesting for you!