7 Deadly Sharkies - Gaia

Near the beginning of Summer I took part in a collaborative project with a few BM girls, organised by the lovely Joani over at Life In Technicolor- the theme was 7 Deadly Sharkies.  So we had to all wear BM to portray different Greek goddesses. 

I went for Gaia, Mother Earth and I wore my Black Milk Clothing Ancient Maps Dress to do so.  I also paired it with a jacket that belongs to my Mum and a small flower crown- and a whole lot of buttercups in the field!  

So here is my full shoot from that day.  And you should check out the full post from Joani with all the deadly sharkies here!  

(Also excuse my pot belly in these shoots, I'm really self conscious of it but didn't have time to re-shoot with my standing up straighter)