OOTD We Went To Beijing Zoo!

Hi everyone!  

Today I wore my Black Milk A Tribe Called White Reversible Skater Dress (try saying that four times in a row!).  It's still really hot in Beijing so I could go out in just that.  

I had my new "YSL" handbag for some colour on my arm and to stuff all my bits and bobs in.  

And on my feet I had my new hi-tops on.  I got them for my birthday, you can see the whole Birthday Mini Haul here.  So I looked very touristy indeed!  But it was really worth it since we had loads of walking to do since we went around Beijing Zoo. 

The highlight was of course the pandas!  There was loads of other animals, but some of the enclosures looked too small and the animals looked quite agitated in the heat.  Seeing this, especially the polar bear, was quite upsetting.  Nonetheless the pandas had the best enclosures and looked content with a big pile of bamboo! 

I was only taking pictures with my film camera #becauseimhipsterlikethat. 
So here is a picture I stole from the depths of the internet!  

When we came back from the zoo me and my flatmate Jess went to get our nails done. I got my first ever pedicure and it was amazing!  The women/goddess that she was spent an hour and fifteen minutes on my feet for £9!  

She massaged and filed and did everything under the sun!  It was money so well spent.  My feet were a little rough from university and Russia from all the walking around I was doing but not anymore!  I think I will get another one just before I go home so I can have nice smooth feet for longer! 

Here is the colour I went for: