China! Part 1

I'm in China baby! 

And it's cool, well actually it's really rather warm and humid! 

I'm in Beijing for a month long internship so I thought I would post a little up date on my travels. 

I'm really loving Beijing as a city, which was quite unexpected for me as I've never lived in a city before and I quite often dislike big cities like New York or London.  But Beijing has such a different feel- it has a sort of community feel about it.  Which is weird to say considering the size.  But you walk around at night and there's people in groups exercising, ballroom dancing or singing with a band!  It's amazing!  Then in the background there will be an old man doing water calligraphy in the street.  He uses a sponge and some water to write beautiful calligraphy across the pavements. 

But before I got here I had a bit of a travel mare.  I was travelling on almost the cheapest flight available which was with China Southern.  And I just have to warn you that there is no tvs on the back of the seats!  I know!  Worst flight ever!  They had the flip down tvs but they showed two Chinese films and only one English one so luckily I was tired so could sleep.  But there was not a lot of entertainment options which sucks!  

Now I'm here though!  And I've met my flatmates and everyone is a really nice bunch.  Our first dinner was sushi and it was amazing!  Honestly so so good!  

Then we had an introduction day, and I unfortunately had to miss the night out (so missed the Peking Duck!) because I got a wee bout of food poisoning.  But all better now!

I don't think you'll want to hear a blow by blow account of my trip so I will just post some photos below and then write some stuff if it's actually interesting.  

That's me for now, I hope you enjoyed a snap shot of my first week! 

More to come soon, if you have any questions about any of my pictures just ask!