OOTD CM Custom Gondola Dress

Now you have heard me rave about my CM customs many many times before.  So don't worry this won't be a long post!  

I just thought I would show you how I'm wearing my CM Gondola Dress; keeping it simple with some knitted grey tights and a purple short sleeve cardigan.  

I'm dying right now!  Because I know that my most recent CM customs (which I can't wait to show you) are sitting at home waiting for me!  I can't wait to get my little hands on them.  

As always you should check out: 
CM's Facebook 
MMHall Photography's Facebook (his photo on my dress) 
If you are interested in getting a custom done the Facebook Group to join is here.  But if you comment below first I will ensure you will get added to the group- I'm an admin so can speed up the process for folk I recognise!  

If you want to see more of my customs you should check out the Nylon Collection tab at the top!