OOTD Barbie Spewed On Me Again!

Quick OOTD today!  

Bringing out my Black Milk Barbie Spewed On Me Capped Sleeve Bodysuit again, and pairing with an Urban Outfitters floral skater skirt.  Such a nice summery outfit! If you want to see the full proper shoot of this outfit you can check it out here. 

This evening me and the boy went to Nandos, which was my second ever Nandos and so tasty!  
But here is a picture from there- (I look bored because BF took it without me knowing!)

The bottomless drinks are the best thing ever!  What does everyone order in Nandos?  I want to try everything!  Although I had to throw a sweater and scarf around me because the air conditioning was that good! 

That's all today!