10 Day You Challenge

This 10 Day challenge seems to be floating around the blogesphere recently so thought I would give it a go too: 

1 - I am crazy OCD.  Pretty much everything has a "system" and hell hath no fury like a woman's system disrupted. 

2 - I have one brother called Andrew.  He's 17 and just passed his driving test.  Woo go him! 

3 - I am scared of the dark. 

4 - I have a giant mouth.  Like you could park a car in this thing.  My less lady like party tricks include me putting digestive biscuits into it flat / around a can. 

5 - I drive a wee blue polo.  I don't believe in naming things like that unless they're "real" like teddies.  So it's just my wee car, and gets referred to as he and she. 

6 - On the topic of teddies, when I was growing up I had a teddy elephant called Nelly.  Obv. 

7 - I grew up with a menagerie of pets- horses, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, chickens, rabbits.  So many more. 

8 - My current obsession is Tescos Sparkling Water, Pear and Elderflower flavour. 

9 - I have surprisingly small feet - only size 6s.  People are always like YOU'RE SO TALL, HOW DO YOU EVEN BALANCE?

10 - My Amazon wishlist is humungus.  I went through 1001 novels you should read before you die and read reviews on then all and added the ones I wanted to read.