Slutty Brownies Time! (no oreos version)

So good! 

Today I took a notion to do some baking.  And since I have been home which means no goodies in the house (we just demolish them the second they come in the house) I went for the most delicious thing I could think of... 

but an edited version without oreos since I don't like them. 

Here we go:

The ingredients I used were: 

- 2 packs of Betty Crockers Chocolate Chip Cookie bags.  There is only one here since I made one up and then had to send my brother up to Tescos for another one
- Jar of smooth peanut butter
- Chocolate digestives 
- Pack of Betty Crockers Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix 

I started off by greasing my baking tray.  You could use greaseproof paper but we don't have any in the house.  

Oven on at 180 degrees.

Then made up my cookie mix.  

Poured it into my baking tray.  

Smeared lots of peanut butter over it. 

Squidged (technical term) chocolate digestives into it. 

Then made up my chocolate fudge cake mixture. 

Then that into the baking tray. 

Whack them into the oven for about half an hour. 

Take them out.  Let them cool and then cut them up. 

Then I served it with some lovely ice cream- went for strawberry because there was no vanilla Mackies left in Tescos :(

But so good!