10 Day Challenge - 9

Sorry for the delay, things are pretty  manic right now as I'm currently in Germany at a competition. 

Let's do this- 9 Loves 

1) Family.  
I am very close with my family, especially my little brother so of course they have to be at the top of the list. 

2) Books. 
What up Geeks! 

3) Animals.
As I mentioned previously I grew up with loads of pets and until I was about 13 I was going to be a vet.  Like deadly determined- then the arts called me and here I am. 

4) Winning.
Who doesn't like winning at life?

5) Gymming it.
I always put it off and whine about the gym.  But when I'm there I love it and feel so good afterwards. 

6) Foooood.
I am a wee fatty and love my food.  Noone will take my food away from me. 

7) Trying new things. 
I will try anything once.  I may not be good at them but I will give it a shot- I get full marks for keen-ness anyway.  

8) Travelling. 
I just love it.  Through my sport I get to travel loads but I travel as much as I can / afford to in my spare time.  I love exploring and taking pictures with my film cameras.  It ties in well with point 6 and 7.  

9) Being creative. 
I am being a bit sneaky with this, because this combines a couple of the things I like- photography, blogging, sport (yes I know it doesn't count that much but you have to try really hard and be committed so tough!) etc.  Although not naturally good at drawing I do like trying as much as I can. 

Rightio, time to get competing!