10 Day Challenge - 8

This is me back from my German travels and I am so tired.  And cold, it is pretty cold over here.  

My Dad is actually snowed in!  Everywhere in Wigtonshire and Northern Ireland just looks so horrible and euuugh. 

Let's do this- 8 Fears. 

1 - The Dark. 
I am a wimp.  The dark is scary, this is a fact and everyone knows this. 

2 - Failing at life.  This is scary too. 

3 - Hurting myself. 
I am hypermobile so I am bendy, and I have some history of dislocations.  They are so so painful- especially my knees and it is scary sore.  This one is pobably my most legitimate fear. 

4 - Losing the people I care about.  
Pretty standard fear I think. 

5 - Getting very seriously ill. 
This is scary. 

6 - Hmm, struggling to think now... Losing my teeth! 
Oh my god this is so scary for me.  I have nightmares about this.  I have total teeth OCD.  Hate it.  

7 - Losing my hair.  
Another vain complaint.  I just think my face is too horrible to be able to suit being hairless well.  I lack the bone structure and the pretty features. 

8 - Being in a car crash.  
This scares me, especially if I'm alone in the car.  Shudder...