Youtube Intro


So I made a Youtube channel!  You can see it here

Come check it out!  I will try and post stuff as much as possible, although this blog right here is going to remain my main thaaang.  

But I though tit might be good fun to have a channel where I can chat away or review hauls with you or thing…

OOTD - Travelling Day


This was my OOTD on Friday for when I had so much travelling to do.  So comfort was a massive must.  
It was so nice to be back at home for a night- especially to get a nice light full length mirror 

So on Friday me and a co-sportgirl had a massive journey to go to the British Championships.  
We …

February (so far) Haul - Black Milk, Lovely Sally and More!


I am talking a lot of clothes.  
Like I had that many outfit changes that it got dark outside so we had to move inside.  

So apologies for the very distinct change in quality of pictures which happens throughout.  

Also there's some sneaky shots of pink physio tape going up my …

Black Milk Fairy Paint Blues Come Out To Play!


I got these bad boys from the swap page a good wee while ago but this is the first week I've worn them and I absolutely love them! 

The material is so stretchy and beautiful.  

My instagram is kathrynisi

Photography by the boy as usual find him here

So I am wearing: 

- Black Milk Fairy Paint …

Back to uni!

Hi everyone!  

So I'm back up to uni and into so much work straight away.  I have an IR essay due less than a week from now then two more big pieces of work straight after! 

I hate how unis never give you stuff in advance so you can't get ahead then you need to do everything all at once!  

So …

*Book Review* Life of Pi

Life of Pi by Yann Martel 

So I finished this today so I figured I would do a little review of it.  

Hello there Helveticas!

I know this is really sad but I'm really looking forward to writing this post, since my font it.... HELVETICA.  

Right guys let's get this show on the road.  

Sorry for the kind of crappy picture, it was late at night and my uterus was trying to fight it's way out of my body.  So no selfi…