Back to uni!

Hi everyone!  

So I'm back up to uni and into so much work straight away.  I have an IR essay due less than a week from now then two more big pieces of work straight after! 

I hate how unis never give you stuff in advance so you can't get ahead then you need to do everything all at once!  

So stressful! 

Anyway I was walking into uni today and snapped a few shots on my phone so thought I would share them, with my thoughts on how nice it is to live in St Andrews! 

St Andrews is a really nice place to live, and today I was struck with how picturesque and lovely it is.  It's quite weird to think that I have this view on my walk to uni:
- down the road
- through the harbour
- around the Cathedral ruins 
- overlooking the sea
- then you pop out on North Street!  
So I have that instead of a city / urban lifestyle! 
Weird but I love it, such a nice place to live.  Really easy and has such a nice atmosphere which is still buzzy because of all the students. 

Gaaawd, look at me.  Should really have called this "PR for St Andrews".  

Anyway it's nice. 

Here is another picture. 

This is our wee harbour.  
Sometimes when it's nice weather and I'm feeling particularly brave I walk home over that wee bridge in the background and walk up the path next to the sea.  
But also windy. 

Very windy. 

Sorry for lack of fashion stuff recently, not been looking great- functional and warm are the operative looks.  Actually I did look nice today but I didn't take any photos! 

I wore: 
- Black Milk Blue Fairy Paints
- Cream smexy River Island top 
- Jack Wills blue striped men's shirt 

Ach well, I fail. 

I also have a new film to upload as well. 


Byeeee Kxx