February (so far) Haul - Black Milk, Lovely Sally and More!


I am talking a lot of clothes.  
Like I had that many outfit changes that it got dark outside so we had to move inside.  

So apologies for the very distinct change in quality of pictures which happens throughout.  

Also there's some sneaky shots of pink physio tape going up my leg.  Just excuse the K-tape, I had a fall and sprained my ankle.  

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So here we go ladies and gentlemeeeen!

Black Milk Cracked Silver Leggings
These bad boys are amazing, so comfy and stretchy.  Not really sure how to style them just got them on Friday!   
These are unfortunately sold out now but BM is here usual 75AUD
Thieves of Thunder Sweatshirt 
I got this a week and a bit ago and was a bit disappointed with it to be honest.  It's unisex sizing so I ordered M and it's nowhere near long enough, sad face.  
But I decided to keep it because it is nice with shirts and everything. 
I think this is also sold out but you can check out Thieves of Thunder here
This was £23 or so 

Now we have the Lovely Sally Pulsar 1919 skirt. 
This was a lovely present from the boy for doing well in my exams. 
It's my second skirt from LS and I gotta love them. 
They are so comfy, although did ride up on my bare legs when I wore it tonight.  But I usually don't so no worries there.  
You can find it here for 34 Euros

And now one of my most versatile new pieces: 
Faux Leather Skater Skirt 
This came from Boohoo and is a lovely edgy skirt to add to outfits. 
It's quite short on me but still socially acceptable since it's not a tight style.  
You can find it here such a bargain at £12.

 Now a nice burgundy cape / jumper. 
So gorgeous, can't remember the exact make of it but it's from a shop in St Andrews. 
This was part of my Vday present from the boy :D
It was from our wee designer shop but was in a MEGA sale down to £15.  

 On my wee shopping day today I also got this work appropriate skirt. 
It's from a different boutique in St Andrews, also having a great sale on.  The RRP was £65 but I got it for £35. 
It's a navy overlace on a cream lining.  
I am currently trying to get a nice wee working wardrobe for my internship this summer.  
Because China is going to be pretty hot and humid and I will probably DIE I need a nice comfy wardrobe.  But still corporate. 
 While I was there I also picked up this Longchamp rip off bag for £15!  
So amazing!  
It's the biggest bag in the world, and great for when I have to take the plane to see the boy and only have hand luggage.  
Love it so much, and there's so many different sizes.  I wanna buy them all! 

Another present from the boy here
Grey Cable Knit Jumper 
This actually has loads of sparkly threads in it too.  So pretty. 
And it has cute elbow pads.  
This is a nice long length and just so nice. 
Again from the first St Andrews boutique, this was down to £14.  

And another work wear purchase. 
This gorgeous dress is ICHI and is so soft, almost a fake calf skin sort of feel.  
From the same boutique as before and down to £15. 
It sits above the knee and has almost elbow length sleeves.  
Gonna look so cute with a contrasting waist belt. 

 Last part of my Valentine's day present is this:
Contrasting Peplum Dress
From the same boutique.  
It's really nice but mega tight so going to have to work on these ab muscles!
Down to £10, and then because it had make - up on it I got it down to £8.  Woo! 

So that's all for tonight. 
Today's big news is I HAVE FINISHED MY ESSAY. 
Like legit finished, printed out and everything. 
And it's due tomorrow. 
Holy moly! 

I know :O