OOTD - Travelling Day


This was my OOTD on Friday for when I had so much travelling to do.  So comfort was a massive must.  
It was so nice to be back at home for a night- especially to get a nice light full length mirror 

So on Friday me and a co-sportgirl had a massive journey to go to the British Championships.  
We had went down to my house near the English border on Thursday so we had a bit of a head start for Friday when we had to go to bloody London!  

Comfort = urgent. 

I was in my: 
BM Fairy Paint Blues which are getting worn so much right now.  
- LOVE them!  

Standard white singlet 

Navy Hollister hoodie which is in some poor shape right now. 

Yes, so rather uninspiring fashion wise but definitely needed to sit in the car for such a long time. 

We had a pretty good weekend, I'm happy with my performance coming 2nd in the match but falling down to 4th in the final.  

But I have two essays due for Friday- 
mega EEP!