Sunday, 30 June 2013

Belfast Haul - Liberty Blue, Belfast Review

As you know last week I was over in Northern Ireland.  

While I was there I went shopping, but only got a few bits and pieces so it's a relatively small haul today!  

There was loads of nice things and I tried plenty on but when there's no money in the bank there's no money in the bank. 

Before I start, here is a picture of my Black Milk Dollar Leggings which I wore shopping.  I took this at the bus stop waiting at the Park and Ride and it looks all fancy in black and white.  Sorry if you've seen this on my instagram already.  I need some new people to follow on IG and twitter so leave your details down below and I'll give you a follow back.


Friday, 28 June 2013

OOTD Classic Look

Excuse the wet hair but this is my OOTD today. 

Pretty casual outfit, but it was a nice day. 

I wore:  

Brown leather deck shoes Chatham Marine 

Raspberry coloured bodycon skirt from Pull and Bear 

Nude coloured blouse from ASOS 

And my bag to match! 


Thursday, 27 June 2013

Cute Accessory Giveaway!

I'm going to do my first ever giveaway! 

I'm going to start off small and hopefully if people like it I can do even more! 

So this giveaway will close on the 17th of July at 2359 GMT and is open internationally.  

Up for grabs we have:-

2 statement rings.  
I'm a big ring fan and I think these are great for adding to any outfit.  Black and gold are the way to go!  
I seem to have went for quite a baroque theme with these goodies! 

Quite a delicate beaded bracelet. 
The golden crosses  go so nicely with the white almost pearl like beads.  

2 friendship bracelets. 
Perfect for summer, especially with all the festivals right now.  
One has a heart and another a line of spikes.  Cute and simple for wearing all the time- use them to complete the festival look!  

Once you enter leave a little comment so it's easier to track you down if you win, but that's not mandatory to enter or anything!  

a Rafflecopter giveaway



Wednesday, 26 June 2013

etail PR Goodie Bag Give Away!

Unrelated picture of swans, yay! 

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Saturday, 22 June 2013

OOTD Grey Maxi Dress

Yesterday was a pretty nice day- much better than the horrible weather today!

So we went down to the pebble beach near the boy's house.   You would have seen it in a previous lookbook: 

So here are the pictures from that walk.  Not that many because although I love this maxi and I think it'll be great for when I go to China because it's so light and still covers me I'm not hte most photogenic in it.  

Aah well!  

And here is the lovely Tess, who the Boy felt the need to photoshop to make her eyes look pretty... I know... 

Anyway I wore: 

- Grey maxi dress
From HandM.  Think it was only about £10.  
It's so nice and light.  Definitely a good summer purchase.

- Mint embroidered crop blouse worn as a waistcoat
My Mumma got me this to wear over things.  It's really nice and handy, although unfortunately I am too tall and booby to wear as intended by Hand designers.  I don't really know who they design for! 

- Gold waist belt 
Just from New Look 

- Black gladiator sandals 
I had these in warm colours- coral and brown - and they are ridiculously comfortable so I bought these in black for my summer internship and for harder colours.  


My Top Websites For Saving Money In Fashion

Saving dolla when looking pretty!  

I think you all know that I love shopping- who doesn't?  But being a poor student, and with eyes definitely bigger than my purse money saving websites are definitely a way to help fund my shopping habits.  

So my top fashion related websites for saving money are....

1 - 

Pretty obvious one here.
Ebay is great for saving money, whether you are looking for a specific occasion or  for a particular brand it's so useful.  I know a lot of girls trawl all the different ebays (, .com, etc) regularly looking for finds and they are rewarded for it. Unfortunately I'm not quite as dedicated but if I need to find something and quick ebay is my first port of call! 

2 -

You know when you are checking out and there is a little box to put in a promotional code for a discount?  Well Fashion Vouchers is a great place to find out these codes and to see where the offers are. It's handy and easy to use- I would definitely recommend it!

3 -

Everyone probably already knows about this.  But if you are a student and you don't..... GET ON IT.  So many great discounts on almost anything under the sun.  Loads of big websites like ASOS use it too.  Amazing.  End of. 

4 -

If you fancy more high end items then The Outnet is for you.  Online outlet- it's in the name!  This is previous season's clothes at discounted rates.  Great for finding classics or if you're looking for designer on a budget. 

So there we have it!  Best ways to save money when you are spending them!  

Please if you have any more suggestions leave them in the comments below. 


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

World University Games Kit Unboxing - What's In My Bag

Hi everyone!  

Slightly different post from me today.  

What's in my bag, with a twist!  Unboxing my Great Britain kit from BUCS for the World University Games in Kazan 2013. 

Sorry the video's lighting is really odd.   I wanted to do it outside since it was a lovely day.  But then it made the video look crappy.  Bad times :( 

I'll hopefully get some pictures up of me wearing them soon.  

But you should check out the official pictures on BUCS' facebook here. 

They look really good, here's a couple: 

Sorry for the unusual post, don't worry it'll be back to normal soon.  Promise!  

Sunday, 16 June 2013

OOTD, Amazing View and CM (Claire Maley)

Check out this amazing view! 

This is what I can see out of my hotel room window in Pilsen in the Czech Republic.  
It's been absolutely beautiful weather here, so hot that today I have had to put my jammie short back on!  

So I thought I would show you what I was wearing today:

Sorry for the different filters on my IG, I had forgotten which one I used.  You can follow my posts @liquidgrainofficial if you want. 

Today I wore: 

- SolCal salmon coloured skinny jeans / chino things 
These are amazing but a wee bit big for me so comfy but need a belt.  Hence why I'm wearing one! 
I had rolled them up as far as they would go as well.  Flashing some ankle! 

- Claire Maley Purple Sunflower Swim 
You have heard me mention CM products a lot on here before.  And that's because they are awesome!
This was my first and only swim from CM and I love it.  Purple = goood.  Sunflowers = goooood.  So I am pretty happy.  

You should check CM's website out here. 
And if you really want you can buy me a present - 
Preferably the Pastel Fire Tee or any of the lovely tees.  I love the Pastel Fire Shorts as well, and the leggings in the same print but I am trying to focus my buying on more tops.  But if you want to buy me any of them, that IS OKAY!  :P

Yeah and today I just chucked my Jack Wills green quilted jacket over everything so I could cover my arms if I wanted to. 

Yay for being back into blogging and not having to go to uni! 





I just made a twitter!  

I don't really know what to do or how it works but I wanted to jump on this! 

So please give me some tips and tricks and follow me 

Here's a nice picture from around Christmas time when I was in Germany and it was all snowy!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

White Noise Black Milk Ancient Map Leggings

So I recently took part in a styling challenge ran by the lovely Joani at Life in Technicolor.  

This challenge is called the White Noise Challenge. 

I love the scrolling through the photo and seeing how other people interpret the challenge and how they style their Black Milk. 

I feature in the challenge here, so have a look since everyone looks amazing. 

I wore my Black Milk Ancient Map leggings and my featured pictures are:

Bottom picture being the literal interpretation of "White Noise" but I don't really like that as much. 

I thought I would post my full shoot of the day here. 
It was great fun, I was standing on a washed up shipwreck in front of the Forth Rail Bridge which was awesome! 

Sorry there's  not many poses but my feet were kind of stuck in one place! 


Quick OOTD Black Milk I Eat Mice Leggings


Just a quick OOTD post, sorry if you have seen it before on my Instagram (liquidgrainofficial).  I've been a bit slow in putting this up. 

This was what I was wearing a few days ago when I had some errands to run but wanted to look nice too. 

I'm wearing: 

I Eat Mice Leggings from Black Milk Clothing
I love these leggings, I got them ages ago for my Gym Count present from the boy.  
They are amazingly comfy and stretchy!  And are actually high waisted and amazing.  You can see a full shoot here
I'm actually wearing them right now when it is soooo hot in the Czech Republic.  Must say I'm looking rather Italian with my legs and a black light top with a leather panel!  

I was wearing them with my current favourite peplum style top.  I know it's been popping up a lot so I'm sorry! 

When I was up and about I paired it with my pastel purple Zatchel.  See my photos and rather turbulent experience with Zatchels here. 

Going to put up a proper post later, promise!

Monday, 10 June 2013

I'm Back!

I'm back from a busy week competing in Suhl, Germany.  

Just a quick note to say hi and hopefully I will be able to do a post in the near future and apologise for the lack of posts.  
The free internet in the hotel wasn't the best and I struggled to get my needed facebook and email fixes!  

On the upside I read quite a lot of my book.  I have been struggling through Les Mis for a LONG time so getting some time to read was great! 

Right I am now hungry and should definitely get up so I am away.  Proper posts to come soon though!  

And here is an unrelated picture of a swan flapping at something.  I love film photography, if any of you do too please tell me and we can revel in it together! 
Or add me on lomography, my link to my home is in the contact tab! 

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