My Top Websites For Saving Money In Fashion

Saving dolla when looking pretty!  

I think you all know that I love shopping- who doesn't?  But being a poor student, and with eyes definitely bigger than my purse money saving websites are definitely a way to help fund my shopping habits.  

So my top fashion related websites for saving money are....

1 - 

Pretty obvious one here.
Ebay is great for saving money, whether you are looking for a specific occasion or  for a particular brand it's so useful.  I know a lot of girls trawl all the different ebays (, .com, etc) regularly looking for finds and they are rewarded for it. Unfortunately I'm not quite as dedicated but if I need to find something and quick ebay is my first port of call! 

2 -

You know when you are checking out and there is a little box to put in a promotional code for a discount?  Well Fashion Vouchers is a great place to find out these codes and to see where the offers are. It's handy and easy to use- I would definitely recommend it!

3 -

Everyone probably already knows about this.  But if you are a student and you don't..... GET ON IT.  So many great discounts on almost anything under the sun.  Loads of big websites like ASOS use it too.  Amazing.  End of. 

4 -

If you fancy more high end items then The Outnet is for you.  Online outlet- it's in the name!  This is previous season's clothes at discounted rates.  Great for finding classics or if you're looking for designer on a budget. 

So there we have it!  Best ways to save money when you are spending them!  

Please if you have any more suggestions leave them in the comments below.