OOTD, Amazing View and CM (Claire Maley)

Check out this amazing view! 

This is what I can see out of my hotel room window in Pilsen in the Czech Republic.  
It's been absolutely beautiful weather here, so hot that today I have had to put my jammie short back on!  

So I thought I would show you what I was wearing today:

Sorry for the different filters on my IG, I had forgotten which one I used.  You can follow my posts @liquidgrainofficial if you want. 

Today I wore: 

- SolCal salmon coloured skinny jeans / chino things 
These are amazing but a wee bit big for me so comfy but need a belt.  Hence why I'm wearing one! 
I had rolled them up as far as they would go as well.  Flashing some ankle! 

- Claire Maley Purple Sunflower Swim 
You have heard me mention CM products a lot on here before.  And that's because they are awesome!
This was my first and only swim from CM and I love it.  Purple = goood.  Sunflowers = goooood.  So I am pretty happy.  

You should check CM's website out here. 
And if you really want you can buy me a present - 
Preferably the Pastel Fire Tee or any of the lovely tees.  I love the Pastel Fire Shorts as well, and the leggings in the same print but I am trying to focus my buying on more tops.  But if you want to buy me any of them, that IS OKAY!  :P

Yeah and today I just chucked my Jack Wills green quilted jacket over everything so I could cover my arms if I wanted to. 

Yay for being back into blogging and not having to go to uni! 



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