I'm Back!

I'm back from a busy week competing in Suhl, Germany.  

Just a quick note to say hi and hopefully I will be able to do a post in the near future and apologise for the lack of posts.  
The free internet in the hotel wasn't the best and I struggled to get my needed facebook and email fixes!  

On the upside I read quite a lot of my book.  I have been struggling through Les Mis for a LONG time so getting some time to read was great! 

Right I am now hungry and should definitely get up so I am away.  Proper posts to come soon though!  

And here is an unrelated picture of a swan flapping at something.  I love film photography, if any of you do too please tell me and we can revel in it together! 
Or add me on lomography, my link to my home is in the contact tab!