Arabian Adventures Review, UAE

arabian adventures review dubai liquid grain

When we recently visited Dubai and the UAE we were keen to do some sort of desert adventure.  After asking for recommendations there was a clear winner - Arabian Adventures, part of the Emirates business.  

We had a great time, so I thought I would write up a quick review of what we thought and what to expect as it is always difficult to know what to book when travelling abroad. 

Booking and Pick Up 

It was really easy to book online, we decided to go for the cheaper option of a shared experience but in the evening desert safari.  This was just under £90 per person and included unlimited soft drinks.  There are a number of other packages available, including alcohol or private cars. 

The pick-up process was really convenient, with our fantastic driver Faisal picking us up from the apartment on a time emailed to me beforehand. We met our travel mates - a lovely young couple from Germany who we had a great time with. 

Because we were running early Faisal took us to the Dubai Camel Racing track and camel hospital en route to the desert.

Then we hit the desert - which is one of the good things about Arabian Adventures, they exclusively own and have access to a massive nature reserve in the desert which no other company can use.  This means you get to see the dunes, animals and there is a permanent camp set up. 

arabian adventures review dubai liquid grain

In the desert 
After prepping the vehicles the fun began - into the desert. 

We quickly discovered we had somehow got a "top" driver, who had an exclusive gold Landcruiser and was actually in charge of leading the convoy into the desert and picking the lines.  Faisal also looks after the celebs when they visit, so definitely request him.  He'll also give you a daring experience of ups and downs in the dunes!

We saw some wee gazelles and impressive Arabian white oryx. 

After playing in the dunes we had a couple of photo breaks, the first one just for photos and the second to watch the sunset with a drink.  Really great to see! 

arabian adventures review dubai liquid grain
arabian adventures review dubai liquid grain

At the Camp 
Then you arrive at the desert camp.  Be warned this is a permanent and quite commercial camp, so very different to what we experienced in Morocco.  However, it was very nice and comfortable - importantly the toilets were great! 

Top tip from Faisal - as soon as you arrive go and get henna done ASAP so it is dry before food.  You don't want it to smudge. Then once it has dried you can also play on dune boards or get a quick camel ride. 

The food is served buffet style and it was really nice. 

Once the entertainment kicked off I was really surprised how good it was - it was not at all cringe or awkward.  There was all sorts, from a traditional dancer with lights and hoops, as well as a great belly dancer and a fire performer.  All of them put on a great show. 

Then we were driven back to the apartment and dropped off at the door.

Overall Arabian Adventures is a really good day out and speaking to other people these are THE guys to go with.  Arabian Adventures are the company with exclusive desert space, permanent camps and a good safety record.  
I would really recommend booking with Arabian Adventures and requesting Faisal if you fancy an adventurous ride through the dunes. 

arabian adventures review dubai liquid grain
arabian adventures review dubai liquid grain
arabian adventures review dubai liquid grain
arabian adventures review dubai liquid grain
arabian adventures review dubai liquid grainarabian adventures review dubai liquid grain


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