Marvis Toothpaste Review

marvis toothpaste review amazon liquidgrain liquid grain

You may have seen this trendy toothpaste around the internet over the past couple of years, so as a sucker for all things beautifully designed I decided to give it a go. 

There are a TONNE of Marvis toothpaste flavours out there, and I didn't want to commit to a big tube straight away.  So I got this mixed travel size set with these flavours: aquatic mint; cinnamon mint; classic mint; ginger mint; jasmine mint; whitening mint and liquorice.  

I'm still in the process of trying them out (as I was taking them with me on work nights away and wee trips we are going on and COVID has halted that).  However, if you have a sambuca aversion like me then you're going to want to avoid the liquorice one BELIEVE ME. 

Overall, these are nice and fancy toothpastes and I enjoy the novelty of seeing the lovely packaging in the bathroom.  However, I've not yet found a flavour which I love so much to buy the full size version of yet to add it into my regular rotation.  I will keep trying though, don't worry! 

I bought this cute wee travel set from Amazon to try the flavours and would appreciate you checking it out with my affiliate link.

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