How We Designed and Made Our Gallery Wall

 how we designed gallery wall liquid grain scottish

As you might have seen on Instagram, we have finally finished our gallery wall in our living room!  It's rather exciting for us, and it's been a long time coming!  

Now that the corner of the living room is looking good, I thought I would share the process of designing and pulling the gallery wall together as well as the tips, tricks and products we picked up along the way.  Hopefully it will be useful for you but if you have any questions in particular please let me know! 

Designing the Gallery Wall 

The first decision we had to make was gallery wall or gallery shelf - I really liked the look of the gallery shelf.  However, with our high ceilings the shelves would have to be quite high and I was worried about the logistics of keeping everything safe and secure and to stop it from looking cluttered. 

Once we were set on a gallery wall we had to decide on a uniform look (with identical sized frames) or a mix and match look. I think the mix and match look can look great or miss the mark completely and look too cluttered.  As we were looking at a big space of wall, we could go for uniform pictures and still get nice and big sized photos. 

For the actual designing, a lot of people recommend masking it out on the wall or using paper to mock up the wall. However, as Matt is a graphic designer we took measurements and we mocked up a variety of options and ended up with this! 

Supplies and Materials 

So now we had a plan, then we cracked on with getting the materials together.  

We needed (affiliate links):

- More Farrow and Ball Hague Blue paint 

-  Finding the right frames was a real challenge, we decided we wanted square frames and large ones at that (50x50).  Then we needed to find good frames, we definitely didn't want frames without real glass as they can look cheap and be damaged easily - the bigger the frame the worse perspex can look.  After a LOT of research we went for these beauties - great quality and price. 

- In order to get the frames to sit perfectly as measured we had to look for a solution beyond a traditional frame hanging.  Matt watched a number of YouTube videos and we settled on this hanging system.  It means you can be super exact in how the frames hang. 

- For the photos themselves we used one of Matt's professional contacts, so I can't give exact details.  But I can say we did use fine art paper, on 50x50 paper with a 3cm white border around the photo. 

Bringing the Vision To Life 

how we designed gallery wall liquid grain scottish

Now came the doing part of the plan, we painted with earnest and then hung up our frames while we waited for the pictures to arrive.  

What do you think of the final result?  I'm really chuffed!

Other Living Room Furniture 

In case you had questions about the rest of this corner of the living room, I've included the items in below.  Affiliate links are marked with * 

- Lights*

- Sofa*  

- Coffee table - we found on Ebay but similar marble one here*

- Bookshelves

- Similar cushions*

how we designed gallery wall liquid grain scottishhow we designed gallery wall liquid grain scottish


  1. Hi, is it Scott sofa from I love Hague blue, it goes beautifully with brown leather.


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