Clarins Camomile Toner Review - Empties

Clarins Camomile Toner Review Liquid Grain
 Remember when bloggers used to share their "Empties" in videos and blog posts?  That has seemed to disappear in the world of influencers and extreme PR Gifting - and I'm not either of those things! 

I still buy my own products (gasp, horror shock) and that means I have a vested interest in not only finishing them but also giving you a true low-down on them! 

I recently finished the Clarins Camomile Toner - I had picked this up during a bit of a hormonal skin flare up.  I wanted a toner which did the job, but still nice and calming. 

I really like this toner - it felt visibly calming and cool on my face, which is exactly what I need after a long day wearing make up.  This isn't a exfoliating or harsh toner and some people will look for more active ingredients in this skincare step.  However, I was getting my actives in elsewhere and knew that my skin needed some soothing. 

Overall if you are looking for a calming toner which is suitable for sensitive skin or skin during a flare up - give this a go! 

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